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Latest Digital Marketing trends should have to be known to all those people who are practising digital marketing practically and taking digital marketing training in 2019, in order to set their position stable in this sector. It is not a one day work, you have to work for a long period to achieve your desired goals. In order to achieve those goals, we must observe the present trends in digital marketing.  So let’s jump directly to the topic, they are discussed below.

1.      Proper Market research ……..

At first, we need to know about the targeted market’s behaviour and also our competitor’s position and strategies. Only proper effective market research can lead you towards that goal. So my advice to you is to do your market research properly and collect as much as possible relevant data in order to do accurate competitor analysis.

2.      proper identifying of customer’s problems………..

Creating loyal customers and offer a specific solution for their problems are the key factors for a successful business. Digital marketers required to do that continues to set a stable position of his business on the market. In order to do that digital marketer have to find the actual problem and provide a smart flexible solution for that.

3.      Give attention to customer experience …………

Make sure your customers having smooth experiences with your products and services. Follow up them regularly, solve their problems with products and services, make them educated about products and services and let them have a smooth experience with your business.

4.      Retarget your customers with analytics……….

Take the help of Google Analytics to collect and measure data on your websites. It will provide you with huge information about your customers. Which will help you to find new ways to retarget them change them to conversion.

5.      Data-driven decisions………….

Collect as much as possible relevant data from market research and Google analytics and make a data-driven decision. More accurate data you can gather from so many resources, it will help you to make smart decisions. Data must have to be authentic.

6.      Discrete brand image………….

Identification and differentiation is the main motto of branding. Differentiate your brand image from your competitors, which will create your own value and identity in the market.

7.      Latest  Digital Marketing trend-video content………..

Now a day audience is enthusiastic on video content a lot. They spend more time on video content. So make video content and hold your customer longer on your site, which could be a huge opportunity of conversion.

8.      Hefty social media marketing…………

Now a day customers are addicted to social media. So grab that chance to create your social media platform and reach them within a very short time. You can also bring huge traffic from social media to your websites. Face book pixel is an awesome option for that purpose.

9.      Manipulate chatbots…………

Set chatbots for your site and save your time which you will be used for other important tasks. Chatbots reply on behalf of you. At first, you have to establish a set of questions which your customers frequently ask, then prepare answers for them and set your chatbots to do the rest.

Hopefully, these digital marketing trends will be effective for digital marketers in 2019. Keep one thing in mind that digital marketing techniques are changing day by day, different strategies and techniques are coming every day. So keep updated.

Shish Khan

Digital Marketing enthusiastic.

skincare products supplier in bangladesh| digi5th| khondoker Faruque

best cosmetics, skincare,  and dermatological products supplier in bangladesh

Prism International the supplier of the best cosmetics, skincare, and dermatological products in Bangladesh for improve personal satisfaction.

we are supplying some supreme products. Botulinum Toxin, Hyaluronic acid fillers, Face and body thread lift, various brightening products. world’s number one biomimetic peptide based mesotherapy, obesity care, cosmetics and stem cell therapy

Brands we are promoting: Botox, Juvederm, Restylane, Revofil, Aquashine BR, Renokin, Dr. CYJ Hair filler, Dermaheal, Lipozen etc.

best cosmetics, skincare and dermatological products
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Does Patient Engagement in healthcare services improve the outcome ?

Patient engagement refers to the process in which the patients actively work together with the healthcare providers to improve their health, reduce their medical costs and enhance their experiences. It is an effort where the patients work with the doctors and follow the treatment plans to achieve a better personal health goals.

If the patients voluntarily engages with the healthcare providers, it not only improves the quality of the service but also results in much fewer hospitals readmission rates and thus reduces their overall medical costs. Patients who communicate and engage with their healthcare providers on a regular basis are more likely to prevent negative health outcomes. This type of support from the patients also enhances the quality of the healthcare service.

Patients usually have a tendency to ignore the initial symptoms, rendering them as unimportant. This oftentimes result in poor health outcomes and increases readmission rates and can sometimes even lead to emergency room visits. On the other hand patient’s engagement with the healthcare provider reverses this trend as they contact their doctors the instant a symptom is present, making any health issue more easily treatable in the early stage.

Patients who are engaged with their healthcare providers are more aware of their symptoms and are also more likely to reach out to their physicians regarding any health issues. They proactively address the red flags from the second their symptoms starts and keep communicating with their doctors to address their concerns in a timely manner until the issues are resolved.

When the patients are self-involved in their healthcare process, it means that they are no longer waiting for their health issues to reach a chronic and detrimental stage. This drastically results in a reduction of hospitals readmission rates and consequently a reduced overall medical costs. If patients visit the doctor’s office to address their health issues as early as possible, a large number of hospital readmission rate could be avoidable.  

The reduced number of hospital readmission rates and medical costs are two of the major benefits of patient engagement. Patients who are engaged with their healthcare providers spend less time on repetitive treatments, as they follow through with the initial treatment plans their physicians prescribe to them which consistently improve their health from the beginning.

It has been found in a research from the 2009 Kaiser study that when the patients were actively engaged in designing their healthcare plans and carried out their everyday life accordingly the results were drastic. The research concludes that the patients in an engagement based care settings resulted in a reduction of overall mortality by 76% and cardiac mortality by 73%.

patient engagement

The engagement of patients with their healthcare providers also results in an improved satisfaction with the healthcare services. When the patients are more engaged with their healthcare providers it improves their trust, decreases their anxieties and make them feel more at ease.

Engaging with the healthcare providers also inspires the patients to see their health from a different perspective, as a result they work harder to improve their healthy behaviors day in and day out. Patients who are more engaged with their healthcare providers are also more likely to follow their treatment plans and improve their health condition, making their overall healthcare service a much better experience.

Patient’s that are engaged with their healthcare providers are also more likely to meet with their doctors once a treatment plan is complete. Also, after the completion of their treatment they tend to follow up for the next steps so that they could maintain their improved health conditions. These type of preventative measures reduce hospital readmission rates, thus lowering the overall cost of healthcare that falls upon the patient, especially when compared to someone who avoids the doctor and then needs to seek emergency-based treatment and long term based treatment plan.

Therefore, we can come to the conclusion that patient engagement with the doctors and other facilitators of the healthcare service is extremely crucial. Without proper engagement from the patients there is not much the hospitals, clinics or any other form of healthcare providers can do to help them.

A lack of engagement from the patients will make it extremely difficult for the healthcare professionals to treat them properly and most likely would result in miscommunication, misunderstanding and repeated hospital admissions. Effective consultation, prescription and treatment is only possible when both the patients and the healthcare providers work together.

Best Online Shopping Bangladesh

Best Online Shopping Bangladesh , is a popular searching keyword in google for online shopping. online shopping is a new shopping form of shopping method now a days. All things considered, Fazilatun was happy with her first online exchange, which restocked her kitchen supplies without her going out.

Like Fazilatun, a developing number of experts are doing their shopping on the web to get help from the bother of sitting through a congested road to get to a blocks and-mortar store.

Best Online Shopping Bangladesh ,”I can put requests to different web based business locales sitting in my office or living arrangement without investing hours in the market to purchase similar items,” said Maqsud Hussain Zico, a broker, who has been shopping from computerized commercial centers since 2013.

Administrators said there are around 100 online business locales -, for example,, – that convey practically all basic supplies.

As of late, customary store chains Shwapno and Meena Bazar have joined the conflict, giving more alternatives to online basic supply customers.

Today, purchasers put in excess of 30,000 requests every day and 65 percent of the requests are created from Dhaka and its encompassing zones, Chittagong and Sylhet.

Whatever remains of the requests originate from outside metros, as indicated by information from significant administrators. Yearly the buys create Tk 700 crore in turnover.

The market estimate was about Tk 200 crore 4-5 years back, said some industry administrators before.

“Online buy is a need of the time especially in Dhaka,” Zico said.

The bourgeoning development of web based shopping has additionally opened openings for work for young people. The quantity of immediate and backhanded employments will be more than 50,000, concurring a gauge by significant administrators.

Amid the underlying days, Zico was reluctant about making real buys on the web.

“There had been perplexity in the event that I would get conveyance. I was additionally uncertain about the security of online exchange. After some time such stresses have blurred as things have improved endlessly.”

There had been an absence of polished skill among the online shops. Once in a while expected items were not provided and conveyance did not happen as guaranteed.

Best Online Shopping Bangladesh , the quantity of missteps has declined and the general administration standard has improved, he included.

Jannatul Ferdoushy, another broker, said web based shopping and home conveyance have made her life less demanding.

“It is beyond the realm of imagination to expect to get a supporting hand dependably. Here, you get deliveryman who conveys items to the gatekeepers of the loft if installment is made electronically,” she said.

However, issues are still there. For example, auspicious conveyance remains an issue.

Best Online Shopping Bangladesh , who has been purchasing fundamental stuff from online markets, for example, Chaldal or Daraz throughout the previous two years, has confronted long postponements in getting her items on in excess of two or three events.

She needed to remain until late to get conveyance of her goods for preparing supper; the conveyance schedule opening she would pick would be 7-8pm.

Seeing the postponement in conveyance she would ring the number gave on the receipt to enquire about her request for just to be informed that the deliveryman was en route. Best Online Shopping Bangladesh

“They ought to advise ahead of time if there is any deferral. Organizations ought to react rapidly to clients and improve administration standard,” she included.

best online shopping Bangladesh
sopping platfrom

Zico resounded the equivalent.

Best Online Shopping Bangladesh “Convenient conveyance is crucial for us. One may have arranged his calendar dependent on the conveyance time. What’s more, postpone influences our different plans,” he said.

Waseem Alim, CEO of Chaldal, a mainstream online basic supply retailer in Dhaka, said his organization conveys arranges around the same time, while other web-based business firms convey at least one days after the position of requests by clients. it is a
Best Online Shopping Bangladesh .

“We convey 70-80 percent of the requests to clients convenient.”
Best Online Shopping Bangladesh

Whatever remains of it they can’t convey opportune as a result of surprising occasions, for example, poor street condition, time misfortune amid conveyance to different clients in a similar zone and issue in vehicles.

“It is about unconventionality. We are attempting to create programming through which clients will most likely track area of deliverymen,” said the, which conveys 1,700 requests day by day in Dhaka.

A year back, the organization conveyed 750 requests every day. “We anticipate that the stream of requests should expand four-five overlap in the following couple of years,” he said.

Postpones occur for the most part on conveyances outside of Dhaka, said AKM Fahim Mashroor, CEO of

Absence of dependable messenger specialist co-op in rural territories and vulnerability about the traffic circumstance are the two principle purposes for the inability to transport arranges in planned time to clients.
Best Online Shopping Bangladesh

The issue of getting dependable messenger could be survived if the legislature appoints the Bangladesh Post Office to convey the bundles produced through online business, he said.

Consumer loyalty is critical for web based business organizations to improve. Expanded challenge will help tackle the issues of deferred conveyance and improve administrations, he said.

Best Online Shopping Bangladesh , Extensive organizations offer discounts and acknowledge returns in the event of issues with the items conveyed.

In any case, the dimension of client disappointment is high for Facebook-based specialist organizations, as indicated by Mashroor, a previous leader of the Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services.

“In any case, as another division, every one of the issues can’t be comprehended rapidly.
“Best Online Shopping Bangladesh ” is a popular key word searching in google.

Digital Marketing Training

Digital Marketing Training

Digital Marketing Training For the Corporate people who want to learn Digital Marketing Strategies and looking for the better results can join the Corporate Training. The Digital Marketing Trainer Moshiur Monty providing Corporate Digital Marketing Training in Dhaka at Bdjobs Training.

Digital Marketing Training For the companies of all sizes and categories who are looking for a proper Digital Marketing strategy based on the targeted market like Dhaka,Bangladesh to boost up their current condition can contact with The Digital Marketing Consultant Moshiur Monty to get the Digital Marketing guideline.

Those Business owners who want to experience Digital Marketing results and also want to measure, optimize and improve his Return On Investment can contact with The Digital Marketing Professional Moshiur Montyto get Digital Marketing Service.

Business is growing and also Marketing policies are changing day by day. If you can come up with great strategies you can capture the market and you can win audiences love. Digital Marketing totally depends on Research and Strategy.

A company owner always wants to improve the company position. And for this reason, a Digital Marketing Advisor or a Digital Marketing Consultant is very much important, who can provide strategic and effective advice to boost the company condition and the team will follow his instructions. He will organize the activity and digital marketing strategy.

Digital Marketing Training demands are increasing day by day. And the demand of an experienced Digital Marketer in a company is also increasing with this. Every company wants a proper and effective digital marketing strategy for their service or product. Sometime the head of the company cover this section with the current employees and sometimes he is looking for an experienced digital marketer who can help him and also the team to set a Digital Marketing strategy or someone who can lead the team as an Adviser.

Digital Marketing Training

Bangladesh First Online Tax Preparation Software.

Online tax preparation software

Online tax preparation software :About is first online tax preparation, processing and submission software for Bangladesh. With you can easily prepare your tax, electronically file with National Board of Revenue (NBR) and pay any tax due with a mobile payment, credit card or bank transfers. It is a system guided easy-to-use tax preparation software that will save you time, money and help you reduce any tax potential audits by the Government. Give it a try today. Start your tax filing for FREE. is first online tax preparation, processing and submission software for Bangladesh. With you can easily prepare your tax, electronically file with National Board of Revenue (NBR) and pay any tax due with a mobile payment, credit card or bank transfers. It is a system guided easy-to-use tax preparation software that will save you time, money and help you reduce any tax potential audits by the Government. Give it a try today. Start your tax filing for FREE. is developed by BD Tax Technology LTD. is copyrighted by Bangladesh Copyright and Patent office. Copyright registration number is 14748-COPR.

How does it work? is Self-guided software it shows every step automatically. Customer needs to type the information that software wants to know. There is no need to calculation because the system will calculate automatically according to information and number that the customer provides. Automatically our software calculates all the how much money you will get on tax, how much money you get tax, all of our systems will be automatically calculated. How much tax customer need to pay, how much or how much tax rebate the will get will be automatically calculated.

For using our system, you need to open an account first.  you can open the free account and follow the steps below.

  1. First, go through this link and open your account at BDtax.
  2. After opening the account, an account activation link will be sent to your email’s inbox or spam folder. You have to activate your account there. In any case, customer can’t find the link they can communicate with our support team at .
  3. After activate the account customer need to enter their account then system will ask them a series of questions by answering those questions customer can prepare their return through us. 
  4. For better understand our system customer can watch this video”How to Use” video

After all the information is filled up, that means 100% is complete in our system, the customer can download the PDF file of return. Only when they download the PDF of their return, they have to pay Tk 799 + 15% VAT. They have to pay this money only once and after that, they can edit information and can download PDF as many time as they want. PDF will be stored in our system for the next fiscal year.

As we have a live chat option on our website customers can get help if they do not understand anything, our support agents will always assist them.

Products & services we offer

Our product is tax calculation software. By using people can easily prepare their tax return file very easily by answering a series of questions generated from this website. No tax knowledge is required to prepare the return in our system. It will take less time so people don’t have to spend much time preparing their income tax. We offer great customer support by skilled and well-trained agents for our customers as we have live chat option on our website. We offer a free file review for our customers who prepared and download from our system. We have Bangla option as well so that people can easily understand our system and tax terms. For the convenience of our customer, we have tooltip option in every part which provides an elaborative definition of the important terms. 

Challenges we have faced

Every entrepreneur has to face obstacles when they start something new. Though we have faced some challenges during the starting time of our journey. We got the first mover advantages on the other hand.

Informing about online tax preparation & submission-Currently, most of the taxpayers are preparing a pen paper tax return. So converting them in chose the online platform is the first and foremost challenge for us. Since this idea is completely new is the first online tax preparation platform it was a bit tough to gain users trust and make them believe our credibility.

Educated customer how to use the system-Since our system is completely new and taxpayers are habituated to prepare their return in paper format it was a bit complicated to make them learn our system. Taxpayers usually take help from the tax lawyers to prepare their return. So most of the users don’t have the knowledge they need to have to prepare their return. So they get confused using this online platform.  But our system is completely user-friendly. Taxpayers don’t need to have tax knowledge to prepare their return. They just need to input the information in some fields like income, asset, liabilities and expense and the system will auto calculate his/her owed tax and prepare his tax return.  And for taxpayers better understanding we made a video tutorial & provide live chat support 24/7 on our website to help the customers so that they can prepare their return easily.

Gaining customers trust-It is very easy to do everything online, and its also easy misuse and get someone else data. And for preparing tax return online taxpayers need to provide all his personal and financial information so the question arises in our customer’s mind that how safe we are and our system? And we ensure them that for our website security; we used the best and latest online security system to protect our customer’s data. Our website is protected by “Sitelock security”, and Block Chain Technology. And only the customer knows his ID and password. Many customers have asked us whether they understand how our tax calculations are correct, in response, we have told them that our entire system is following NBR’s circular and audited by the prestigious CAFs of Bangladesh and their audited reports are given on our website.

Increase InvestmentInvestment is very importand for any business. To continio our business & maintaining our system we need invesment. At the time of beganing investment was the main fact for us. When we started our journey in 2014, we have a shortage of investment; we met with various entrepreneurs and tried to make them interested in investing. We have already been able to invest a lot of investment and in order to further increase our expansion of business in the near future.

How many staff we have?

More than 30 employees are now working on The number was few at the initiative stage, but now the team has joined the software engineers, marketing, accounts and administrators, quality analysts, and so on.

Plans for 2019

This is the era of “Digital Bangladesh” & people have been very dependent on the internet, all of us are now looking to do everything online. So submitting tax return files online is our main priority and we are working with NBR for that. Hopefully within this year customer can submit their return via online by using our system. 

Based on that our plans for 2019 is,

  1. Making tax preparation and submission online anytime, anywhere.
  2. Providing the highest level of customer service so that the fear of tax can be solved and taxpayers can participate in the country’s development willingly.
  3. Beside NBR we want to ensure maximum tax payment through our system
  4. Increase the number of users in our website.

LEED certification in Bangladesh | Bipu

LEED certification in Bangladesh. Furthermore followed by almost 190+ countries. Probably recognized symbol of sustainability achievement.


In contrast most widely used green building rating system. Maybe available for virtually all building project types. So it is from new construction to interior. Also fit-outs even more operation and maintenance. For the reason that project teams can apply. Therefore to create healthy producing. As a result a lot with very little waste. Hence cost-saving green buildings. Finally It provides by LEED. We are introducing the education of LEED. In contrast use of LEED certification in Bangladesh.

Green Building

First of all A building that in its design , construction and operation can create good effects . Results reduces and eliminates
bad effects . It hits on our climate and natural surrounding conditions. That preserves very valuable things from nature. It improves quality of life. LEED certification in Bangladesh works together to build a green country.


LEED certification in Bangladesh secures the USGBC standards with obeying the National Building Code of the country. It is committing to make an sustainable and rich future. It is the Leading program for green buildings and communities worldwide.

Mission & Vision

First of all we get a membership from USGBC. LEED certification in Bangladesh want to make footprint all over the world. Therefore It is very needful for the future. Because of the civilization.

Under process

almost 2.4 million square feet daily approved . As a result 94,000 participating LEED projects. Probably 165 countries & land areas owned are with LEED projects. Moreover it makes the workplace into green environment.


First of all it needs registration. USBGC standards followed While getting the registration.

Foundation of BGBA

Rather Authorized professionals built the company. Similarly they provide the consultancy of green building. First of all person need to register . Rather we are securing USGBC standards. Similarly we are working due to get LEED certification in Bangladesh .

Professionals for LEED certification in Bangladesh

Engr. Md. Al-Emran Hossain the Managing Partner . He is highly qualified . Likewise well experienced. First of all gained with B.SC and M.SC. Consequently he gains LEED AP (BD+C). Hence he is the owner. Also he is a operator. Because he takes care of all process. Rather to make a green building . Certainly gains LEED certification in Bangladesh.

LEED certification in Bangladesh summit
You can find us at 60&61 no stall| Bangladesh green Building Academy

Projects & Experiences

We almost complete 2 complete projects.


MMZ Visa & Tour Solution in Bangladesh | Mahmudur Rahman

Welcome MMZ Visa & Tour Solution is a highly experienced VISA SPECIALIST. Our staff knows the problems faced by students and professionals wanting to migrate or tour abroad. We provide solutions in visa processing. We take pride in being a part of the success of many.

Our staff is dedicated and friendly and handles clients in the most efficient way, providing them with the best possible solution. Our professional staff provides services of immigration, a Tourist visa and work counseling. We are known for our sheer expertise in visa documentation of all kinds of visas ranging from student visas to immigration visas. We would be very happy to help you in your quench for success. Give us an opportunity to be associated with you. And, GET READY TO FLY!

Our Services to the following countries:

USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Denmark, Netherlands, Ireland, Austria, Belgium Germany, Poland, Portugal, France, Italy, Sweden, Czech Republic, Finland, Latvia, Greece, Hungary, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan, Russia, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, China, South Africa


CELL NO: +8801757293242, +8801943000400, +8801819434731

E-Commerce Complete Models | Khaled Chowdhury

E-Commerce Complete Models

E-Commerce Complete  Models
E-Commerce Complete Models

What is E commerce?

additionally called electronic commerce or net commerce, refers to the shopping for and commerce of products or services mistreatment the netand therefore the transfer of cash and information to execute these transactions . E commerce is commonly accustomed discuss with the sale of physical merchandise on-linehowever it may also describe any reasonably industrial dealings that’s expedited through the net.

E-Commerce Complete Models

Whereas e-business refers to all or any aspects of operative a web business, e commerce refers specifically to the transaction of goods and services.
The history of e commerce begins with the primary ever on-line sale: on the August eleven, 1994 a man sold a CD by the band Sting to his friend through his website Net Market, an American retail platform.This is the primary example of a client getting a product from a business through the globe Wide Web—or “e commerce” as we tend to ordinarily comprehend it now a days.
Since then, e commerce has evolved to make products easier to discover and purchase through online retailers and marketplaces.Independent freelancers, small businesses, and large corporations have all benefited from e commerce, which enables them to sell their goods and services at a scale that was not possible with traditional offline retail.

E-Commerce Complete Models

E-Commerce Complete  Models
E-Commerce Complete Models

Global retail e commerce sales are projected to reach $27 trillion by 2020.
Types of E commerce Models
There area unit four main varieties of models which will describe virtually each dealings that takes place between customers and businesses.
1. Business to Consumer (B2C):
When a business sells a decent or service to a private client (e.g.You buy a try of shoes from a web retailer).
2. Business to Business (B2B):
When a business sells a decent or service to a different business (e.g.A business sells software-as-a-service for different businesses to use)

3. Consumer to Consumer (C2C):
When a client sells a decent or service to a different client (e.g.You sell your recent piece of furniture on eBay to a different consumer).
4. Consumer to Business (C2B):
When a client sells their own merchandise or services to a business or organization (e.g.An influencer offers exposure to their on-line audience in exchange for a fee, or a photographer licenses their photo for a business to use).

E-Commerce Complete Models

E-Commerce Complete Models
Examples of E commerce
E commerce will defy a spread of forms involving totally different transnational relationships between businesses and customerssimilarly as totally different objects being changed as a part of these transactions.
1. Retail:
The sale of a product by a business on to a client with none intercessor.

2. Wholesale:
The sale of merchandise in bulk, often to a retailer that then sells them directly to consumers.
3. Dropshipping:
The sale of a product, which is manufactured and shipped to the consumer by a third party.

4. Crowdfunding:
The collection of cash from customers ahead of a product being accessible so as to boost the startup capital necessary to bring it to promote.

5. Subscription:
The automatic continual purchase of a product or service on an everyday basis till the subscriber chooses to cancel.

6. Physical products:
Any tangible smart that needs inventory to be replenished and orders to be physically shipped to customers as sales area unit created.

7. Digital products:
Downloadable digital merchandise, templates, and courses, or media that must be purchased for consumption or licensed for use.

8. Services:
ability or set of skills provided in exchange for compensation.The service provider’s time can be purchased for a fee

Improve Communication Skills | Top 10 Tips | Digi5th


Years ago, The Conference Board of Canada, an independent, not-for-profit applied research organization, developed the Employability Skills 2000+, which lists the critical skills that employees need to succeed in the workplace. Communication skills, tops the list of fundamental skills needed to succeed in the workplace. A decade-and-a-half later, with the rise of social media networking and texting, communication is becoming more casual, even in situations where more formal ways of communicating are required. What this means is that people from the younger generation, may not know or even understand the importance of effective communication skills in the workplace. When you take a look at the greatest leaders, one of the traits they possess, is the ability to communicate effectively, which underscores the importance of communication skills. Improve Communication Skills will be the biggest weapon towards the success is always considered by everyone.

There are specific things to do that can improve your communication skills:

1.  Listen, listen, and listen. People want to know that they are being heard. Really listen to what the other person is saying, instead of formulating your response. Ask for clarification to avoid misunderstandings. At that moment, the person speaking to you should be the most important person in your life. Another important point is to have one conversation at a time. This means that if you are speaking to someone on the phone, do not respond to an email, or send a text at the same time. The other person will know that she doesn’t have your undivided attention. This is the first option among 10 ways to improve communication skills.

digi5th 1
Listening to audience

2.  Who you are talking to matters. It is okay to use acronyms and informal language when you are communicating with a buddy, but if you are emailing or texting your boss, “Hey,” “TTYL” or any informal language, has no place in your message. You cannot assume that the other person knows what the acronym means. Some acronyms have different meanings to different people, do you want to be misunderstood? Effective communicators target their message based on who they are speaking to, so try to keep the other person in mind, when you are trying to get your message across.

3.  Body language matters. This is important for face-to-face meetings and video conferencing. Make sure that you appear accessible, so have open body language. This means that you should not cross your arms. And keep eye contact so that the other person knows that you are paying attention.

Body Language

4.  Check your message before you hit send. Spell and grammar checkers are lifesavers, but they are not foolproof. Double check what you have written, to make sure that your words are communicating the intended message.

5.  Be brief, yet specific. For written and verbal communication, practice being brief yet specific enough, that you provide enough information for the other person to understand what you are trying to say. And if you are responding to an email, make sure that you read the entire email before crafting your response. With enough practice, you will learn not to ramble, or give way too much information.

Improve Communication Skills
Specify your question

6.  Write things down. Take notes while you are talking to another person or when you are in a meeting, and do not rely on your memory. Send a follow-up email to make sure that you understand what was being said during the conversation.

7.  Sometimes it’s better to pick up the phone. If you find that you have a lot to say, instead of sending an email, call the person instead. Email is great, but sometimes it is easier to communicate what you have to say verbally.

8.  Think before you speak. Always pause before you speak, not saying the first thing that comes to mind. Take a moment and pay close attention to what you say and how you say it. This one habit will allow you to avoid embarrassments.

“Life isn’t about just talking, it’s about thinking too.”

9.  Treat everyone equally. Do not talk down to anyone, treating everyone with respect. Treat others as your equal.

10.  Maintain a positive attitude and smile. Even when you are speaking on the phone, smile because your positive attitude will shine through and the other person will know it. When you smile often and exude a positive attitude, people will respond positively to you.

After reading this article on 10 ways to improve communication skills will help a lot for communicating with people is a confident way. Communicating effectively is a teachable skill, therefore following a few of the tips outlined above, will enable you to hone up on your communication skills.