LED Lighting in Bangladesh

LED lighting in Bangladesh, the Lead Solution brand is see for its predominant activity in the purchaser contraptions industry. We have a strong reputation for execution, similitude and quality which has driven. The Lead Solution brand to overall market organization. Helped by the improvement made by our parent association , we have set new standards in cutting edge limit.

Our developing lighting portfolio is intended to improve the quality and experience of light while decreasing lighting’s effect on our condition. sometime LED Lighting in Bangladeshi product offering incorporates a scope of vitality proficient LED lights. And shading LED boards, high shading rendering (CRI) LED segments and arrangements and phosphor materials that make warm white light from LED chips conceivable.


Light Emitting Diode Lighting in Bangladesh for Sustainability. Sustainability is winding up progressively imperative to customer buying choices consistently. LED light is an extraordinary alternative for a some causes. It has very low vitality utilization, requiring significantly less vitality than reduced florescent and glowing blubs. Led bulb likewise have an any longer life than both CFL and radiant lights. This implies less regular substitution which makes less waste. At long last, LED additionally contain no mercury, so they can be reused.For example, LED Lighting in Bangladesh for Health, is a key component with LED lighting making a commitment. Shading temperature likewise assumes an imperative job in circadian rhythms. Usually, the temperature of light changes for the duration for day is starting from 3500K (just hot white) in the morning. And 5000K – 10000K (cool white) in evening and cycling back to 3300K at mid night.

The body is acquainted with this shading variety, responding with differing dimensions of vitality for that season of day. The capacity to influence dispositions for the duration of the day with lighting, making the ideal condition, is a key component in setting up an agreeable way of life and keeping up cooperative energy with our regular circadian rhythms

LED in Bangladesh

LED lighting in Bangladesh for Comfort, Light seems an imperative job in our lives it influences feelings by making a disposition too. Lighting makes a wide assortment of agreeable climates – from warm and welcoming when it is cold and raining outside to cool and lovely on a sweltering hot’s day. Regardless of whether at home or work, lighting influences our selection of exercises similarly efficiency and acquiring propensities. With a scope of items in various shading temperatures, one can make the ideal visual air.

Led Lighting in Bangladesh
Led Lighting project

Finally, the material of Led lighting in Bangladesh is Phosphor materials play a key role in converting blue. That LED light to natural white light that humans can enjoy. LED has been developing and manufacturing fluorescent phosphors for over 40 years. Focused on the lighting industry, Lighting solution is selling a variety of high quality. That is efficient for as well as red, yellow, and green phosphors to LED device manufacturers.

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