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LEED certification in Bangladesh. Furthermore followed by almost 190+ countries. Probably recognized symbol of sustainability achievement.


In contrast most widely used green building rating system. Maybe available for virtually all building project types. So it is from new construction to interior. Also fit-outs even more operation and maintenance. For the reason that project teams can apply. Therefore to create healthy producing. As a result a lot with very little waste. Hence cost-saving green buildings. Finally It provides by LEED. We are introducing the education of LEED. In contrast use of LEED certification in Bangladesh.

Green Building

First of all A building that in its design , construction and operation can create good effects . Results reduces and eliminates
bad effects . It hits on our climate and natural surrounding conditions. That preserves very valuable things from nature. It improves quality of life. LEED certification in Bangladesh works together to build a green country.


LEED certification in Bangladesh secures the USGBC standards with obeying the National Building Code of the country. It is committing to make an sustainable and rich future. It is the Leading program for green buildings and communities worldwide.

Mission & Vision

First of all we get a membership from USGBC. LEED certification in Bangladesh want to make footprint all over the world. Therefore It is very needful for the future. Because of the civilization.

Under process

almost 2.4 million square feet daily approved . As a result 94,000 participating LEED projects. Probably 165 countries & land areas owned are with LEED projects. Moreover it makes the workplace into green environment.


First of all it needs registration. USBGC standards followed While getting the registration.

Foundation of BGBA

Rather Authorized professionals built the company. Similarly they provide the consultancy of green building. First of all person need to register . Rather we are securing USGBC standards. Similarly we are working due to get LEED certification in Bangladesh .

Professionals for LEED certification in Bangladesh

Engr. Md. Al-Emran Hossain the Managing Partner . He is highly qualified . Likewise well experienced. First of all gained with B.SC and M.SC. Consequently he gains LEED AP (BD+C). Hence he is the owner. Also he is a operator. Because he takes care of all process. Rather to make a green building . Certainly gains LEED certification in Bangladesh.

LEED certification in Bangladesh summit
You can find us at 60&61 no stall| Bangladesh green Building Academy

Projects & Experiences

We almost complete 2 complete projects.


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